Hello, It's good to see you, you're looking great. Have you lost some weight? Pleasantries aside - now let's do some good together 💪🏻

Do you run a blog or popular Instagram page?

We are continuously looking for new talent to collaborate with, and we especially enjoy it when bloggers contact us and write about our art and our cause. To create a good collaboration it's important that your Instagram page is a good fit to our vision content wise. Animals, nature, styling or interior design etc.

If you believe that your content does match our products, feel free to email us - we are open to discussion. Does this sounds interesting and would you like to collab with us? Send an email to us and put 'collaboration' in the email's heading. Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog or Instagram page (followers, range, readers) and include the link so we can check it out!

Want to share our story?

Our art and cause has been featured on some of the biggest sites in the world, and we love to tell our story. Send an email to us containing a short introduction about yourself/who you are representing including necessary links and usernames, then we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Logos and more high resolution images can be sent upon request. Just let us know! 

Team Popbuddi